Sunday 31 January 2010

If you enlist then you must soldier!

Well I didn't get any further with my Screen West Midlands bid for Finders. Keepers. but have been encouraged to re-apply in the next round based on feedback.

Didn't get any of my 3 ideas shortlisted for the ifeatures scheme either but the odds were pretty high. At least I know now and can concentrate on other things.

The one good thing I'm doing at the moment is taking part in the Critical Mass playwriting scheme run by the Royal Court theatre. Its a regional scheme with groups based at the Belgrade theatre in Coventry and at the Drum here in Birmingham.

We have a really good tutor and its a great group with some really interesting and funny people so I'm very pleased about that. The course included going to see plays here and there so there's a social dimension too. The tough bit is coming up with a 1st draft of a play by week 8 of the course so that's going to be an ask but as my Pa is very fond of saying "if you enlist then you must soldier".

I'm going to rewrite Skunk in February and also do a treatment/1st draft of my Panther feature idea with a view to making it later in the year - nano budget of course which is in line with my Pragma 2010 Manifesto.

I was a bit surprised that more people haven't taken an interest in the Pragma idea. I suspect that the requirement to use open source software has freaked those people who feel they have to have expensive software and equipment in order to feel like they're really filmmakers!

Well the idea behind Pragma is that you dont so I'm just going to have to prove them wrong. I'm happy to say that I have an editor/co-producer volunteer so I'm hoping to shoot some scenes at Easter and slowly chip away at it over the year.

Still trying to get hold of a decent retro but pro camcorder to shoot on but have been offered a PD170 during the Easter and summer holidays so its very likely I'll be shooting at those times.

Thats all for now. Roll on Spring!