Wednesday 18 August 2010

Script Locked!

I have just locked the script and am only expecting very minor revisions from now on in. I'll be scheduling and creating a shot list over the coming days ready to start shooting on Saturday week.

We have finished all the casting now and I think its a pretty strong ensemble which includes up and coming actress and model Chloe Farnworth who plays the part of Michelle, local lass Leila Antony who plays for fab local Birmingham band The Gundogs and even a brief appearance by Sky Sports and BBC boxing commentator and ex WBC super middleweight champion Richie Woodhall as a detective.

Leila Antony of The Gundogs

Yesterday evening we visited the nice ladies in the wonderful costume department at the Crescent Theatre to get Leila  - who is playing the part of the wayward daughter Annie - fitted with a pregnancy bump. We also sorted out some of the woman police officer uniform that will be needed by lovely Walsall based actress Stacey Alpine. All names to watch!

Thats all for now but more as it happens until I switch over to a volunteer friend who is going to blog, Facebook, podcast, tweet and generally publicise the shoot live and in real time.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Good progress!

Pre-production on Trouble is going quite well. We're halfway through the auditions process and still have a number of people to see this week. Its been the first time I have done casting properly so something of a learning process in terms of experience and organisation but no major mishaps so far and we'll do it much better next time!

I am also pleased that we have added significantly to the crew. Experienced local photographer and film-maker Chris Keenan is on board as Director of Photography ably assisted by Sarah Jones as 1st Assistant Camera. We have also secured a Best Boy, a script supervisor and are considering a number of runner/production assistant applications.

I'm rewriting this week. Hoping to freeze the script Friday and then we start scheduling, storyboarding and so forth ready for the shoot.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

Following a long meeting yesterday afternoon I'm pleased to welcome Seeyam Brijmohun on board as production manager/co-producer.

Seeyam has a strong background in film and theatre plus a background in that most useful of skills fundraising!. I will be handing over most of the production function to him over the next few days which will allow me to concentrate on the creative side like developing the script, casting, storyboarding etc.

Prior to that meeting we met with David Moore at Boxxed who has generously donated some time and space for auditions and rehearsals. A shining example of  how we all have to stand together to help grow the arts in this city especially in these straitened times. After all "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" which is a Friedrich Nietzsche quote apparently. Bit early to be quoting Nietzsche I know!

Later in the evening we were both on the ground at the location in Moseley where we met our keen, young production design team of Samantha Cliff and Lisa Williams who will be covering the set design and costume briefs respectively. Also on hand was Joseph Harper who will be the man with the boom at the very least though everyone will be expected to multi-task.


Sunday 1 August 2010

"Trouble" progress :-) and other news.

I'm pretty pleased with the progress on getting cast and crew for Trouble At My Door. Lots of quality applications in both departments. I now have two keen production designers/art directors that are going to help me which will be a big help.

The musical side of things is also sorted. Philip Mountford - my long time composer collaborator friend has kindly agreed to do the score. He will be working with talented Bulgarian actress, singer and composer Zory Burner who has offered to help with songs and vocals.

I will be reviewing all applications midweek and then letting people know by Friday-ish.

In other news I've entered 3 animation ideas for the Tokyo based Marza Story Circus competition including my beloved Scampenstein project.

I've also sent in two entries for Tony Jordans's Red Planet competition. A single entry called Scarlett - a story about a tough black Birmingham detective on the trail of a serial killer/kidnapper and my joint entry with fellow Villa fan Dominic Carver - The Roaring Forties - a series idea about the trials and tribulations in the lives of members of a 40 something Sunday league team.

Fingers crossed!


B x

Stickleback Productions