Friday 11 October 2013

Who wants to help me win a BAFTA?

I want to make another short film. A non time limited competition one this time. One that I can aim at BAFTA and Oscar feeder festivals. Since all of my funding from the last one came from people I knew I'd rather not take the crowd funding route and keep the 15% they take in fees. 

Squeaker is a short film about a boy who is bullied for supposedly being gay when he actually has always felt he is - and wants to become - a girl. He meets an ex-boxer pigeon fancier with whom he forms an unlikely relationship - both ultimately finding some degree of salvation and redemption.

A sort of transgendered Kes. Please donate here.

Still from Around Again 2012
I'd be grateful if you could DM or email me if you would like to pledge an amount towards this. If you want to just sponsor me up front then thats very welcome too. In return you'll get a credit at a level commensurate with your contribution plus as far as practicable invites to screenings, bonus features, perks, my undying affection.
Michael Parle in Fled 2013
You'll also get the warm glow (hopefully) of helping me take the last logical step before a full feature production.
Internalised 2011
Who wants to help? Donate now! Watch previous films here.

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