Saturday 22 October 2011

Some more good news

Following a Directors workshop at the Nottingham Playhouse given by Michael Oakley courtesy of the JMK Trust we were all encouraged to apply by letter of application to the Young Vic Directors programme. This is a great London theatre so I thought I'd give it a go and apply. The good news is that they've accepted me even though I come from a very non drama school or theatre background.

In other news I'm helping some other people with shorts in an associate producer capacity. I'm also preparing my own short Squeaker which I'm hoping to shoot after Christmas subject to the talent I'm after being available. I've had some very encouraging responses from some great potential actors and agents.

Its a story about a gang bullied boy who meets an ex-boxer pigeon fancier. A sort of a modern day take on Kes.

I'm also hoping to spend more time developing my Roaring Forties men of a certain age football themed sitcom with my pal Dominic Carver now that winter is setting in. We have a producer on board who is going to help us pitch the project to the Beeb so full steam ahead on that one.