Monday 22 April 2013

Fled by Stickleback Productions

FLED by Stickleback Productions from Brendan O'Neill on Vimeo.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Making of Fled

Here is a short Behind the Scenes video which was shot on Day 1 at the St Paul's Church location in central Birmingham. Thanks to Ed Stone for shooting and editing. Its nice to have a memento of the behind the camera activity.

Behind the Scenes of 'FLED' from Edward stone on Vimeo.

Monday 1 April 2013

SF4813 Cast and Crew Credits

Brendan O'Neill                       Writer, Producer, Director
Neil Oseman                            Director of Photography
Adam Hale                                Editor
Merlyn Miller Rice                    Associate Producer
Matt Harley                                Associate Producer
Stewart Addison                      Associate Producer
David Tomlin                            Director - 2nd camera unit
Chantal Feliu Gurri                  Assistant Editor
Ella Carmen                             Production Assistant
Colin Smith                               Gaffer
Oliver Rosetti                            DIT/Camera Assistant
Jay Somerville                          Best Boy
Nicola Dale                               Sound Recordist
Dennis Baudin                         VFX Lead
Mary Lapena                             VFX assistant
Paul Woolley                            Runner / Driver
Kerris Charles                         Make Up Artist
Oliver Woolley                          Continuity/Stills Photographer
Sorin Russu                             Stills Photographer
Ian Jones                                  Stills Photographer
Anneliese Cherrington           1st Assistant Director
Rosie Pooley                            Clapper
Matt Katz                                    Post Sound supervisor
Joseph Harper                         Post Sound assistant
Nicola Dale                               Post Sound runner
Ed Stone                                   Production Assistant / Making of video
Dan Hunt                                   2nd Unit Camera Assistant
Matt Harley                                Military uniforms and props
Jack Harley                               Military uniforms and props assistant
Composer                                Hans Hess
Dominic Carver                        Script Editor

Michael Parle                           Priest
Isla Eleri Ure                            Girl in church
Louise Stokes                          Church cleaner
Ian Brooker                               Officer - GCHQ
Nick Lancaster                         Viking Section Leader - GCHQ
Sean Connolly                         CIA Agent - GCHQ / Voice Over
Laura Edghill                            Viking Section Officer
Roger Harding                         Controller
Greg Hobbs                              SWAT officer
Jack Richardson                     Boyfriend in coffee shop
Shannon Anthony                    Girlfriend in coffee shop
Maura Judge                            Woman in church
Paul Woolley                            Mysterious Agent - GCHQ
Phil Lee                                     Decryption Specialist - GCHQ
Matt Harley                                SWAT team member
Jack Harley                               SWAT team member
Paul Woolley                            SWAT team member

Executive Producer
Daniel Martin Eckhart

Associate Producers
Zoltan and Sally Szarka
Keith and Diane Marsden
Jonathan Turner
Rebecca De Fargues
Peter Spencer
Paul Woolley
Craig Morton
Stella Harvey
Kevin O'Neill
Russell Southam

Thank You

Roberto Savage

Ivan Levene

Jennifer Coward

Malachi McColl

Justin Metti

Helen Bang

Tom Bradshaw

John Wood

Margaret Schmueck

Neil Evans

David Moore

Andy Conway

Jon Bounds

Brian MacEvilly

Maura Judges

Rob Brown

Dr. Stephen Potts

Simon Cox

Merlyn Rice

Matthew Harley

Leanne Stoddart

Emma McAllister

Jim Judges

Jody Whittle-Wyeth

Lauren Davies

Michelle Hands

Sarah Farmer

Paul Murphy

Debra Jane Haywood

Drew Roper
Ella Carmen

Mickey Greaney

Special Thanks To

Reverent Mary Gilbert
Dr. Birgit Kehrer
Colin Williamson
Dan Burwood

Erin Connolly
Trinity Studios Birmingham
Dennis Cluley
Vaisala Ltd
Pip Piper
Film Birmingham
Martin Simms
Sindy Campbell
Little Big Film Company

Shooting People

Billy Bannister

Andrew Whiteoak

Sam Cousins

Paul Barr

The Rectory Bar, Birmingham

Andy Purvis
Stirling Bar and Cafe