Saturday 28 September 2013

September 13 Round Up!

Birmingham Film Studios Open Evening 27th September 2013
I went to the open evening at the new Birmingham Film Studios last night. It was a good night and I was very pleased with the turn out. Some old friends and some new. I had a chat with several people that might lead to new collaborations. I love networking - you just never know unless you "work the  room" and find out who people are and what they aspire to do - what projects you might be able to create together. Its absolutely invaluable in my experience.
The green screen went white for one client!
The new green screen at BFS is fab. They're doing a knockout deal at the moment where they'll include the use of a 4k Red camera for free when you hire the green screen for a day. The cameras come with EF or PL mount so you can use your own Canon lenses but on a RED!

I'm going to be sharing a small office at BFS with James Fair who runs a 72 hour feature filmmaking project called appropriately enough The 72 Project. He is looking for all sorts of people that might want to get involved in helping shoot the latest edition of the project right here in Birmingham. He's already done other projects in Melbourne and Galway.
The 72 Project
 You can join the mailing list at the bottom of the project page if you want to get involved and keep up to date with whats happening.

James teaches film at both Staffordshire University and Filmbase in Dublin. I'm hoping that my own Stickleback Productions and James's Grand Independent will be able to collaborate together in the long term on a range of fiction, documentary and educational projects.

In other news I've been very pleased to learn that the 104 Films' Generator scheme for which I was selected earlier this year is continuing with some additional training and mentoring in Sheffield. Yippee! I had a great time at the Edinburgh Film Festival with my fellow Generation 104'ers so am delighted to be meeting up with them all again.

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