Wednesday 28 April 2010

Merry Month of May

Seems to be a lot happening in the month of May. Hopefully the good weather we've been having will continue.

April was quite busy with a number of courses and events. The Producers Forum event featuring writer and now producer Tony Jordan (Eastenders, Life on Mars, Hustle) was excellent. Tony is a very funny switched on guy and a pleasure to listen to.

Other highlights for me were the two Script sponsored workshops I attended. The first one was  on Sci-Fi and Fantasy and was given by producer Claire Ingam as part of a series of workshops on various genres.

The second was another great workshop by Professor Paul Wells called Devizing Animated Narratives which has given me some impetus to go back to my Scampenstein idea.

I think I'm going to finish the script for that and then find a collaborator to create a graphic novel of the story which can also be shipped to other platforms like Iphone and Android. Thinking 360°!

Hopefully take up of the graphic novel and platform based content will help popularize the story and find me a producer.

I'm still working on my play for the Royal Court Theatre's Critical Mass scheme but will also be jumping onto some other things with deadlines.

Screen West Midlands revised Investment Fund is open again so I will be resubmitting Finders.Keepers. based on the feedback received from last time. I will also be submitting a couple of other feature ideas as new projects.

The UKFC have cut funding to the regional agencies so competition is going to be even fiercer usual. That said there is nothing to stop people getting some actors and a crew together and just going for it themselves. No interference that way too though obviously you still have to consider due process for script development etc!

I'm fortunate to be able to get an opinion from my own talented script editor but for those writers who don't then I highly recommend that you get opinion/feedback from a professional such as Hayley McKenzie at Script Angel.

Still waiting on feedback from a producer who is looking at my teen Sci-Fi idea kidZ.

Finally I'm planning to take part in the 2weeks2makeit pop promo competition where film makers are paired with up and coming bands to create a promo. I've fancies doing a promo for ages so hopefully this is my chance to shine.

More as it happens.

B x

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Haiti Benefit Result!

The final take from my Haiti benefit short film event was £198 which I am very pleased about.

£180 on the night

£13 change after paying for venue and wholesale price of booze consumed!

£5 pounds from the lovely Suzanne

DEC Haiti Appeal Receipt here.

B x