Wednesday 26 June 2013

Generation 104 @ Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013!

What can I say? Edinburgh International Film Festival was simply brilliant! Big thanks to the fantastic folks at 104 Films who selected me for their Generator scheme and which I'm very pleased to say is ongoing. My fellow Generator scheme participants were a great and multi-talented bunch too.

I'm going to do a full write up soon but was barely back in Brum when I received an invitation to pitch in front of another industry panel at Cofilmic in London so am now preparing for that! In between I also managed to squeeze in hosting a Q and A at the Lighthouse in Wolverhampton last night with the makers and actors from Dalston Heath - a short that should do very well on the festival circuit.
Kate Dickie and me!
Their were plenty of highlights at the festival for me but the best one was meeting the lovely and brilliant actress Kate Dickie (Red Road, Prometheus) on the first day. Kate likes the project I pitched to her earlier so it was great to meet and chat about possibilities.