Wednesday 14 September 2022

London Sci-Fi Society 48 hour Filmmaking Competition 2022.

I was delighted to be able to put together a great little team to do the London Sci-Fi Society 48 hour filmmaking competition last weekend. The team was very ably anchored by multi-talented Black Country Director of Photography Matt Hickinbottom of Musical Motion Pictures. Not only did he shoot the film - he also edited, scored and did sound design. The VFX shots were provided by Mark Lunn to cap off what I think is a great little film. I even did my first ever practical effect!

Birmingham actress Gem Durham (Felicia's Journey) played the lead alongside her daughter Honey Harris and newcomer Arthur Benson. Both child actors did really well and Gem was excellent as the Mother.

My artist friend Darryl Georgiou stepped in to play the Man in the Street who has to say the all important line given by the competition organisers.

Unit Stills were provided by Shaun Temple and SFX/Make Up by Rafaela Rosado Mateus.

We filmed it on Saturday afternoon and early evening and then did Post Production on Sunday. I have to say it's the least stressful one of these time limited competitions of the several I've done and definitely the smallest budget. We'll know in a week or two if we make the shortlist which will mean a trip to London for the awards ceremony. I'm now planning a festival run. Here's some more pics from the day.