Thursday 19 April 2012

Update: Stickleback Productions back in the swim

Stickleback Productions

I have now decided to pursue solo interests for the time being back under my Stickleback Productions shingle following the production of Film Division's Around Again - a really excellent entry for the London Sci-Fi Society 48 hour filmmaking competition 2012.

Here are some pics from the shoot. Film Division's best ever in terms of production value.
Cast and Crew in the Bunker Scenes shot on Saturday 14th April at The Old Print Works, Birmingham

Clapperboard: Around Again.

Our mate Dean Bamford showing Adam Lawrence whats what.

Local sound production warlord Billy Bannister stands in as a wounded French soldier. Props supremo Craig joins in the fun.

Doesn't look like Hopwood!

My pals Paul Woolley and Craig Morton enjoying a laugh between takes.

The SS charge through the pyrotechnics!

The car is the star! The Citroen Traction Avant we used courtesy of Jim Fox (

Matt Harper from Trinity FX blows up a big one. (

Me with everything under control (Don't panic. Don't panic)

Friday 6 April 2012

Film Division Seek Executive Producers For Latest Sci-Fi Short!!!

Ever fancied having an executive producer credit on IMDB - the Internet Movie Database? Well now you can!

Sponsor Film Division's 2012 48 hour London Sci-Fi society competition team to help us pay for cast and crew food, art department and camera equipment budget. We've got something really special planned this year which we're hoping will help us win the development deal prize that is on offer from Vertigo Films. The winning films and runners up will also be featured on the The Guardian Website.

£50 pounds gets you an Associate Producer credit on

£100+ gets you an Executive Producer Credit on ranked according to size of contribution.

Smaller uncredited donations also welcome. All £5+ donors invited to screening.

Please send donations via Paypal to brendan.j.oneill AT or arrange BACS transfer with me via same address.

This is what 50 volunteers made in just 48 hours last year.