Monday, 1 March 2010

Film Dash 2010

The frantic sleep depriving madness that is Film Dash is upon us again after a brief hiatus in 2009.

I have the nuts and bolts of a crew and some actors already but would be happy to hear from more actors and also people who know of good locations where we can shoot this Saturday 6th March i.e. Your Dad's office, your cousins launderette, the nice woman who owns a shop/store, hospital ward. Anything that adds visually to the story possibilities I could have in mind when I start responding to the 7pm Friday Film Dash brief.

So PLEASE if you know of anywhere then get in touch. I always give people a credit if they help the film and we'll try to squeeze them into the film as an extra or passer by if possible.

Thanks if you can help



info AT

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