Monday, 20 October 2008

A Big Thank You

Hi Folks,

I would like to say a big thank you for volunteering your time and talent to work on Black Widow as part of Film Dash. We did get a 5 minute film in in time so we are in the competition.

Unfortunately due to the days delay in shooting in Spain and its impact on the editing schedule we were unable to add the music soundtrack in time which was a real shame.

The good news however is that there should also be a longer and in my opinion much better 7-8 minute short with soundtrack which I hope to enter into festivals etc. This will showcase all your acting and technical talents elsewhere.

Special thanks to Joe Geraghty for the marathon edit, Phil Mountford for the score, Stuart Mills for doing the camera, lights and sound on the day and Carlos Agullo Coloma for setting up the shoot in Madrid.

Some people have already indicated that they would like to come to the Odeon on Sunday for the announcement of the winner. I have reserved 12 tickets so there should be enough - if you want any extras please let me know so I can secure these.

I will also try to sort out a premier of the Festival cut on licensed premises – perhaps the White Swan. I hope to give you all a DVD copy of both the Film Dash and Festival cuts at this point.

Meet 7pm Sunday in foyer of Odeon New Street for Into the Light: Michael Balcon event and announcement of winner. There will be loads of industry people there so worth coming along with business cards etc! Please note they are only showing the winner so it might not be us!

Please RSVP for a ticket if you haven’t already done so.



Writer/Producer/Director :-)

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