Monday, 11 May 2009

Paper Aeroplane Fundraiser #1

The fund raiser went well considering all the other events it was competing with such as the multi-venue Project X in Moseley. We raised the price of the insurance that we'll need in order to be "street legal" shooting in and around Birmingham so a big step forward

It was a good chance for various team members to meet for the first time and the various bands and DJs did us proud with great sets.  So thanks to Paul Murphy, Kings of the Heath, Mary and Martin and Frutaloka and DJs -  SJ, Jazz Andy and Pedro for volunteering their time and talent to support us.

It was great too that the films producer and star Kriss Dosanjh was able to fly back from touring in Spain to be there to meet, greet, shmooze and booze along with all the other lovely folk who came along!

Onwards and upwards!

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