Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What Goes Up Must Come Down Voting Ends Today!

The voting amongst fellow members of the Filmaka community on each others entries into the Hard Times themed 3 minute film competition ends at midnight Los Angeles time tonight.

I have had some lovely comments from other film makers about "What Goes Up Must Come Down"  which is very encouraging.

I include one particularly nice letter I received from US based fellow film maker  Michael Newman.


Ambition! Ambition!

Your film is so EPIC!
I can't believe how many locations you have within this one short... how long did this take to do?
It's very impressive for a filmaka round 1 type film, and certainly does most of the rest of us to shame in how you did manage to incorporate so much into so little time.

Thanks Michael.

How cool is that? I just hope all the positive things that people are saying about the film will translate into votes and help us get through to the next round.

We'll know tomorrow! So watch this space...

In other news the Paper Aeroplane feature project has been steaming ahead. We now have our own domain which will soon be developed.

Paper Angels?

We also now have lots of people attached including some excellent MA students who are going to help with pre-production/production and even a bit of acting maybe - so welcome to Dominika and Rai not to mention Martina who has been with us almost from the start.

More details on the Paper Aeroplane Facebook group which incidentally now has nearly 100 members in only two months.

Production office

Best news of all though is that we now have our very own production office/rehearsal/storage space for the film courtesy of the great folks at Friction Arts -  so a really big thank you to Sandra Hall and Lee Griffiths for their great kindness and infectious enthusiasm.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Echoes from the Edge"]Echoes from the Edge[/caption]

Echoes from the Edge

By the way if you are West Midlands/Birmingham based and haven't yet been to their Echoes from the Edge experience which was created in conjunction with U.S artist Shannon Flattery then get down there quick as its fab!

Best arts experience I've had in a long while.



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