Friday, 31 July 2009

Short Sold!

Well hopefully :-)

Following a script call on - a producer rang me yesterday about So Beautiful - a short I wrote a couple of years ago and seems keen to do it.  It was written as a commissioned piece but the original producer didn't like that script so I started again from scratch and wrote him something he did like.

It was a strange commission as I had to do a modern version of a Shropshire folk tale called Wild Edric -  something that wouldn't normally be what I'd go for even though my range goes from children's animation i.e.  Scampenstein all the way through to gritty social realism i.e. Paper Aeroplane via horror, sitcom etc etc.

Anyway hopefully I now have the chance to sell the original story which bears out the advice Tony Jordan gave at the Screenwriters Festival last year about putting things in draws and waiting for the right opportunity to come along to dust them down and send them off.

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