Thursday, 13 August 2009

Skunk - Another Short Film

Latest news is that I'm going to be shooting another short over the bank holiday weekend with a volunteer cast and crew. I have the location sorted and most of the actors I need and following the first production meeting yesterday probably most of the crew.

This has come about through a collaboration with Leanne Bayliss of Post Office Studios and Simon Lewis Marriot of Artists Being Creative. Leanne is going to to co-produce alongside my own production partner This is England actor Kriss Dosanjh.

She is putting her own team together to make it happen. Simon who had a small part in What Goes Up Must Come Down will have something much more gritty to get his teeth into on this one - as well as helping Leanne and Kriss out with producing it.

So whats it about?

The film is about a dysfunctional middle class family that come together on the death of their domineering father. Following the burial and back at the family home the tension mounts as recrimination and revelation compete for our attention culminating in an unexpected and bitter twist.

The ideas is to get the film into the Foyle Film Festival in Ireland. This is a qualifying festival for BAFTA nominations plus it also has a special award - the LIM Award that can lead to Oscar nominations. So in my opinions its two bites at the cherry if it does well.

At the very least it gives myself and Kriss something to show possible investors in our Paper Aeroplane feature project that we can create compelling drama. Plus the chance of working with some great people.

Cant wait for the 29th.

Watch this space as I think i'll try to do a making of blog this time.

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