Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hell Hall

One of the best pieces of advice I've been given whilst learning about the film business over the last few years is to always have other projects in the pipeline. So while my short Skunk and my budget feature idea Paper Aeroplane are my short term goals I've also been thinking about my original comedy horror idea Hell Hall.

I'm not a particular fan of horror movies - they scare me :-) - but I have an Aunt who owns a suitably creepy and impressive wing of a stateley home. She has given me permission to shoot there so it would be a shame not to. It helps that her son (and my cousin) Johnny happens to be an actor and film maker too. 40 minutes or so from Birmingham - its ideal for a horror shoot - impressive grounds, cellars, creaky corridors. perfect in every way

[caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="This is based on a photo of the actual Hall."]This is based on a photo of the actual Hall[/caption]

I've started a Facebook group (as usual!) for those who want to be involved but the synopsis is as follows:

"Hell Hall is a comedy horror feature film about Johnny - a student who inherits a stately home from the eccentric Aunt who raised him.

His girlfriend and friends are amazed at his good fortune unaware that the property is located over one of the entrances to Hell and all manner of spooks and monsters come and go whilst on their dastardly, murderous business.

When his friends insist on checking out the Hall for its party potential Johnny becomes engaged in increasingly desperate attempts to keep them all alive whilst at the same time trying not to reveal the terrible truth."

The idea is to spoof various horror conventions and stereotypes whilst also subverting them a bit.

In other news I'm working on a children's book that will go out on a specialist Iphone platform plus as an e-book. I'm talking to various illustrators about graphic novel projects. I'm doing a couple of new animation scripts for a talented Birmingham based Romanian animator to try and get on the Digishorts scheme and if that wan't enough daytime I'm writing a user manual for some open source software.


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