Sunday, 15 November 2009

What's Up?

Well I managed to get my 4 Digishorts applications in just in time as my blasted computer promptly went bump. I spent a couple of days re-installing everything so its now fully dual boot with Windows XP and the latest flavour of Ubuntu Linux Karmic Koala.

This will allow me to gradually transition all my stuff across into appropriate open source formats. I can then say goodbye to Windows for good. To add to that I'm also getting the open source Android based HTC Hero phone which has been getting some great reviews and is said by some to be better than the i-phone.

Karmic Koala is really fast and stable and I would recommend it highly not to mention all the great and free software packages you can get for it i.e. Gimp for graphics, Open Office for productivity, Scribus for DTP. Check out the OSALT website for all sorts of excellent and free well supported goodies.

Now that Digishorts is out the way I'm developing 3 x 4 page outlines for the Bristol based i-features scheme. Happily the experienced producers I am developing 2 feature ideas with have also agreed to be on my application for this scheme as well so its well worth a shot. 300k is a good micro-budget :-).

Even if I don't get anywhere I will have some more developed outlines to show people or simply develop further.

I'm also going to spend some time each day developing a children's story so as to finish before Christmas. Talented illustrator Claire Kiernan of Cartoon Arts will then add pictures while I start work on another one post Christmas. The aim is to publish both books by Easter on Amazon and also a proprietary i-phone application.

All this on top of commencing work on writing a book explaining some open source software which will eventually be published through Amazon etc. I've noticed that they didn't have a book and suggested I write one for them so I have now teamed up with the developers to fill the gap. They're pleased to be getting a book as the software is used in a lot of schools and colleges. Likewise I will benefit from promotion on the official site -  so win/win hopefully. The other good thing about publishing these various books is that they will hopefully help fund my various film projects.

I didn't get any money from Screen WM for my Birmingham Irish Film Festival idea but will be getting some support in the form of mentoring  which is good. The whole idea is to start off small and grow it into something bigger so that's fine with me.

I have recently created 3 projects on IndieGoGo which is a brilliant crowd-sourcing finance for film website. Film makers offer various perks in exchange for micro-financing i.e. posters, set visits etc. You decide. Its pretty neat and actually generates a Facebook page automatically for your projects - Facebook has become invaluable for me as a Indie film maker.

On the micro budget front there is still some fall out from a certain person leaving the Paper Aeroplane project but I am hoping to get that resolved soon one way or the other. I'm hoping to put some new momentum into it by linking up with a new producer team who will hopefully also help me to make my longish short Skunk plus my horror idea Hell Hall.

The best news is that Hell Hall is getting a lot of interest! People seem to really like the idea. Plus it'll make a great poster!

I also have a serial killer/ kidnapper thriller idea called Panther that I am developing and intend to shoot Dogme style using only resources/locations etc that I know I can get for nowt.

As ever those who say it cant be done should stand out of the way of the people who are trying to do it!

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