Thursday, 5 August 2010

Meetings, meetings, meetings!

Following a long meeting yesterday afternoon I'm pleased to welcome Seeyam Brijmohun on board as production manager/co-producer.

Seeyam has a strong background in film and theatre plus a background in that most useful of skills fundraising!. I will be handing over most of the production function to him over the next few days which will allow me to concentrate on the creative side like developing the script, casting, storyboarding etc.

Prior to that meeting we met with David Moore at Boxxed who has generously donated some time and space for auditions and rehearsals. A shining example of  how we all have to stand together to help grow the arts in this city especially in these straitened times. After all "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" which is a Friedrich Nietzsche quote apparently. Bit early to be quoting Nietzsche I know!

Later in the evening we were both on the ground at the location in Moseley where we met our keen, young production design team of Samantha Cliff and Lisa Williams who will be covering the set design and costume briefs respectively. Also on hand was Joseph Harper who will be the man with the boom at the very least though everyone will be expected to multi-task.


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