Wednesday 6 June 2012

Strange Tangential Networking Payoff, Other News and Praise!

Ulysses O'Mooney

I'm very pleased that a colleague of mine in the Producers' Forum West Midlands has introduced me to a literary agent relative of theirs who works for a leading agency in New York. He has promised me a read which has given me an incentive to really get down to finishing my novel. It all happened quite by chance - I mentioned it whilst discussing what I'd been up to writing/producing-wise and future plans i.e. making a first feature.
A cover design done by my talented pal Annelise Francis of Meenokawaii Design
The novel is called Ulysses O'Mooney and is a tale about a young alien who crash lands in Ireland in 1969 and has to find a way back home both helped and hindered by eccentric locals, the U.S and Soviet superpowers, friendly talking animals, other aliens -  both benign and malevolent, various mythological creatures, an ex-Nazi drug smuggler, a retired Scotland Yard detective and a time-warp stranded aviatrix. 
I'd describe it as a Poitín whiskey fuelled romp through time, space and the Irish countryside. 
You can read three excerpts from it on Wattpad. I'm particularly proud of the Rathmore Rambler one but its best if you read the beginning bit first, then the bit introducing Big Tom McClinchey - the toughest Tom Cat in Ireland and then the Rathmore Rambler excerpt when our hero Ulysses is attacked. 
Its all pretty out there and has been described as both whimsical and magic realist!

Balsall Heath Little Theatre Project
In other news I organized a comedy fundraiser for the Balsall Heath Little Theatre project (@opwtheatre). The very talented and lovely Miss Barbara Nice headlined and was supported by a variety of other local comedians - all of this compered very ably by Rachel Sambrooks. 
Big shout out therefore to my fellow comedy course alumni Alex Crowther, Albert Smith and Ben Goodwin and also a big thank you to Helen Sylvester, Patrick Draper, cutlery guru Ian Crawford and Edinburgh award winner Johnny Sorrow plus all who attended. Numbers weren't great but it WAS a great night. Thanks too to artist Ildi Nagy too for helping me with the Zoodio space.

Around Again
The news on Around Again - Film Division's latest opus is that Stewart Addison who directed is preparing a directors cut which has to be ready by end of July when his new daughter arrives!
The feedback from some people who've seen the competition cut has been great. 
Dean Bamford in Around Again
"Sublime work, Brendan, rendered all the more astonishing by the lack of resources - particularly the period piece. To make a war film of such stunning calibre defies comprehension yet you've pulled it off beautifully. Time to make your feature. Simple as that. You're already a better filmmaker than most of the pretenders out there. Get out there and make your masterpiece. Well done to you on multiple levels."

                                                                                        Terry McMahon. Director.

“I loved it, very atmospheric, the young girl looked amazing, timeless, congratulations”

                                                                                        Michael Smiley Actor (Kill List)
  Thats all for now folks. x

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